Homemade Heroes: Bowers Dinner

A new blog series starts now. Sometimes I get so lucky to be invited into friend’s homes for dinner and these friends know how to cook. It’s why I’m friends with them…just kidding, but truly, you will see what I mean.

This first dinner was a dinner won at school. Every year the Public Interest Law Group at the University of Denver’s law school puts on an auction to raise money to offset the monetary needs of students whose summer internships are in the public sector and without pay. It’s a great event each year. Not only are there regular items up for auction (jewelry, giftcards, beer, etc.) there are also Professor Experiences up for grabs. During our second year, a group of friends and I went into a bidding war for what we now call “Bowers Dinner.” We ended up winning and loving our experience so much that we bid for it again this past year.

Professor Bowers, or as I can call her now Stacey, and her partner Jeff never let us down. Both times they created a perfect menu and even printed it out like pictured above. Every course is paired with a wine and great conversation! Let’s dig in!

Stacey and Jeff created this beautiful charcuterie board for our appetizer and paired it with a Sparkling Brut. I will never turn down a chance for meat and cheese and crackers. It also reminds me of the month I spent in Italy which was one of the most amazing experiences of my life and so when a charcuterie board is present, I am tuned in and ready to eat and reminisce. I really need to go back to Italy.

Next up this gorgeous avocado soup with shrimp. I loved the aesthetics of this soup. It’s a chilled soup, so perfect for summer. I was a little timid about it at first because well its avocado and I’m not a huge avocado fan. But it was GREAT! The flavors were rich and slightly tangy and the shrimps added a great texture to it.

Things got extra savory for dinner. A wonderful filet mignon with a horse radish cream sauce (not pictured here…oops) with brussel sprouts cooked with prosciutto and a slice of baguette with butter. Jeff is fantastic at cooking meats. Each year the meat has been cooked to perfection!

Every meal deserves a great dessert and here is our meal’s great dessert! A wonderful buttermilk biscuit with blueberries and whipped cream. I could probably eat like at least three bowls of this dessert and still want more! It’s simple yet super satisfying!

What I love most about this experience outside of just the food is the ability to sit down with people and break through barriers. For me I have a difficult time with authority figures, whether they present themselves as one, have a title implying they are one, or even if I simply perceive them as being one. Blame it on my enneagram personality type or the fact that I grew up as an air force brat, but I am constantly intimidated by authority figures which leads me to either be extremely nervous with a tendency to agree with everything they say think or do, or I flip on the rebellion switch and do the opposite. It’s very black and white and leaves no room for a gray area. Yet, when you are eating with a person especially in their home, the gray area starts to form. You start to no longer see the person through the lens of their authority or your pre-concieved perceptions of the person, instead you start to build a different sort of relationship. That’s what happened here during the first year of Bower’s Dinner, and continued this year.

My moral of the story is get to know people over food. Food is our greatest connector whether you are cooking a meal for someone, enjoying someone else’s food, or simply eating out with that person at a new or favorite restaurant. You won’t be sorry you did.


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