Restaurant Shenanigans: Sukiya Ramen

The weather outside…well it sucks. The only thing I don’t like about living in Colorado is that one day it is 70 degrees and the next there is freezing rain making everything icy, cold, and miserable. But when the weather gets like this I like to eat ramen or the Olive Garden inspired soup I keep making. Sometimes I like to make my own ramen at home, using pre-made broths, mixed veggies , meat, and top ramen noodles, but there’s just something magical about someone else making it that really hits the spot.

Whilst I will almost certainly never have the Japanese ramen I had at the Den Corner Rooftop Party and Uncle is great but expensive (I’ll do a blog on Uncle in the new year) there is a pretty reasonably priced ramen place by my house: Sukiya Ramen. Unless you are looking for this hidden gem it’s a little hard to find tucked away near a little car dealership off or Arapahoe Road. But for those of us who know where it is, we are all willing to wait for a table to enjoy these delicious filling ramen masterpieces.

Haris and I love to come here either just the two of us or with our friend Ali. We typically order the same things every time but everything tastes delicious! I can’t help be a creature of habit, so once I find dishes I like I tend to stick with them (you know that whole I always order chicken fingers every where I go sort of mentality?). On this little adventure though, I did try a different ramen than I normally get! But first we begin with the appetizers!

Below is 2 out of 5 of the gyoza. I forget to take a picture of the beautiful display that was put in front of us when we say down. The gyoza here is amazing. It’s not overly crispy and the seasonings are spot on.

Next up are the Chashu Buns. I love a good pork bun. There’s just something about the bun that makes my mouth water. The buns are soft and light, but squishy at the same time. If you head to Sukiya Ramen, make sure to get some. They come in sets of three so if you want more than one when sharing make sure to order at least two sets.

Now for the main event: the RAMEN! I love a great hot steaming bowl of ramen on a cold dreary day. It fills your soul with a warmness that you can carry with you through the rest of the day or night. Now the next two pictures look very similar to each other, but i promise you they taste very different. Directly below is Haris and I’s go to order.: Hakata Tonkotsu. Hakata is a type of hot noodle dish with a creamy white and rich broth. Tonkotsu means pork bones, hence the pork broth.

This ramen has a Pork Broth with Chashu (braised pork belly), Soft Egg, Green Onions, Bamboo, Bean Sprouts, Pickled Ginger, Nori (seaweed), Bok Choy and Naruto ( a Japanese fish cake- the pink swirly thing in the picture).

As you can see the broth in my order below looks a little redder in color. That’s because its a Bloody Mary Tonkotsu ramen. It has all the same ingredients as Haris’s order except it also comes with tomato soup and tomatoes in it. It’s a great twist on a classic rainy day ramen and a rainy day soup option and it tasted amazing!

And if you don’t like ramen, Sukiya has you covered with poke bowls, rice bowls and yakisoba. Either way check this place out! Rainy days are not required for you to eat here, but highly recommended.

Arapahoe Location: 7939 E Arapahoe Rd 110, Greenwood Village, CO 80112

Broadway Location: 450 N Broadway, Denver, CO 80203



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