Meal Prep: Week 3 of 2020

Let’s be honest. This week’s meals didn’t go as planned… like almost at all.

First up, I managed to make the berries last all week, but that didn’t mean I didn’t have to toss out some of the berries that were getting moldy. The berries aren’t in season, which I knew but still wanted them anyways. Why does the season matter? Well it means that the berries had to travel longer from a region where the berries are in season… the longer the travel time, the less time the berries will last in your fridge.

Now my lunches took a left turn this week. Sometimes our fridge gets a little full with four people and things can get left out on a counter in the shuffle of things. And that happened this week with the ground chicken I had marinating in the fridge to make chicken nuggets this week… so we improvised. I had back-up chicken in the fridge, cheese and black beans. I was already making homemade french fries so I just added everything to the top of those fries and bam! a great lunch was born. Sometimes the best meals are born out of improvisation.

Dinner was perfectly fine! Haris and I decided to have fish (pre-breaded and frozen) rice, asparagus and broccoli. Haris prepped most of this which was awesome!!! Sometimes you have to add in some frozen foods to help get you through the week!

Now here’s the granddaddy of all things that went wrong this week. I attempted to make this cake twice… the first time I burnt the oranges on top and had to wait to get more. Then the cake just didn’t turn out great. Like seriously… it was hard on the outside, dense on the inside and just overall tough to eat. The flavor was good, but the cake itself was not worth the time it took and the effort I put into it. Honestly, this cake makes me sad because it bombed so hard. What a week.

Now for the total cost of this week’s meals:

Breakfast- Total: $14.96 ($2.99 per meal- 5 meals)

  • Blackberries- $3.99
  • Raspberries- $3.99
  • Blueberries- $3.99
  • Walnuts- $2.99
  • Cream of Wheat- $0.00 (Already had)
  • Eggs- $0.00 (Already had)
  • Butter- $0.00 (Already had)

Lunch- Total: $14.95 ($2.99 per meal- 5 meals)

  • Potatoes- $2.97 (3.34 lbs)
  • Chicken- $5.99 (1lb)
  • Black Beans- $0.00 (Leftovers from last week)
  • Cheese- $0.00 (Already had)
  • Cuties (not pictured)- $5.99

Dinner- Total: $35.80 ($3.98 per meal- 9 meals)

  • Fish (8)- $23.96
  • Broccoli- $4.95
  • Asparagus- $6.89
  • Rice- $0.00

Total for week: $65.71 spent for 19 meals (average of $3.46 per meal)


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