I’m An Addict…

I’ve rewritten this first post about three or four times now. Once I started the post off with apologizing for starting a new blog. Then I wrote about self-help books, then about passions…so let’s try this again. Hi, my name is Kristina and I am addicted to making others feel great about themselves even when it comes at a cost to myself.

Any other people pleasing addicts out there? (I’m imagining that i’m speaking to a room full of people and after this question all I hear are crickets, because let’s be honest, who wants to admit that they would rather make others feel joy when alas they themselves don’t feel joy? I get it.)

I’m the kind of person who will apologize to you when I did absolutely nothing wrong. I’m the kind of person who will drop everything to go and hangout with a person in need when in reality my life is going a bit rougher than that person who just split up with their on and off again significant other. I’m the person who is internally freaking out about an upcoming exam and needs to go home and take some time for self-care but is instead teaching people who don’t understand the concepts.

I am addicted to putting others needs before my own… until now.

You see today is New Year’s Day. A day for setting resolutions, for wanting to get back into the gym, back into eating healthy (since we just spent the last two weeks eating ungodly amounts of sugar), back into being nicer to people, etc. Usually I am the person who is all about picking a word for the year something like simplicity (the intention that year was to simplify my life, live modestly, try to consume less because others in the world had less- didn’t last long), or optimism (haha that year was funny, i’m a cynical person at heart and trying to force myself to be optimistic was quite humorous).

((Side tangent, my favorite new year’s day was the year that I get burnt by a firework that old people knocked over while drinking- us young folks were just causally sitting around the fire pit being chill- and then my friend Paige and I woke up the next morning and went to Olive Garden. We sat in the parking lot while we waited for it to open.))

Anyways, this year my word choice is just a little different… this year… cue drumroll… my word is…. KRISTINA. Yes, ladies and gents, it’s my name. This year is the year of Kristina, the year I finally live out some of my daydreams, the year I pick me over others, the year I become awesome again!

So if you wanna see cool adventures, culinary masterpieces (maybe check other blogs for this), and creative projects, follow this blog. Come on this journey. Can’t promise you it’s going to be updated weekly, have any rhyme or reason, or change your life, but I’m about to blow my own mind and break my addiction to putting others before myself, and you can watch the drama unfold. It’s going to be just what 2019 ordered.

So do it, follow my blog, you know you want to. It’ll be fun…


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