Choosing Healthy

One of the things I’ve decided to do in this year of Kristina is to make more time to eat and to eat better (less fast food, more homemade not so processed stuff). Yes, I have said that I will eat healthier almost every year of my life and its always lasts about a month and then well life steps in. It’s the same cycle every year. Start on January 1…stop by Jan 31…complain all year that I feel frumpy and gross… eat crappy in December and start all over again. It’s really not a great cycle.

Last year I started meal prepping off and on. It wasn’t always consistent but it did sort of help me get through some tough weeks. I’ve become more intentional about it in the past couple of weeks and now that we are going back into school starting Monday, I really feel like I’m in a good place with meal prepping to post a little more about it.

Meal prepping to me isn’t necessarily about having the prettiest meals, or even super healthy meals, its about planning appropriately and listening to what my body wants throughout the week. My boyfriend and I typically go grocery shopping on Fridays. We call it a date night even. So on Friday I try to sit down at some point during the day (not always successfully) and think about what my body really craved this past week. This week it’s been chicken fingers and poke bowls (weird combo of foods but stick with me). Here’s what I came up with for meal prepping this week:

As you will see I added chicken, which I plan on making into chicken fingers with panko crumbs. I also will be making Tuna Poke Bowls this week! Listening and making what my body wants!

I will post pics of how these items turnout on my Instagram through out the week, so make sure to follow!

I always thought that meal prepping had to be something super complex…or even boring. My boyfriend literally eats the same meal for lunch every week. He says he mixes up the spices and that makes him not get bored with it, but it’s just looks like the same thing he had last week and the week before to me. When I started actually sitting down and looking at cookbooks, pinterest, and also listening to what cravings I had throughout the week, I found meal prepping to be more fun, something to allow me to not only plan my meals and control the number of trips I took to fast-food places, but also to allow myself some room for creativity in the kitchen.

Here are some of the meals I ate this past week:

Left: Chicken Salad; Middle: Daily Scrambled Eggs; Right: Rice with Shrimp and Veggies

Choosing me in 2019 means choosing to make sure I eat what I want but also what my body needs…it’s not easy, but we got this! So this week if you are trying to meal prep, just sit down and figure out what you are craving and meal prep that. It doesn’t have to be super healthy or super complex (heck frozen veggies are great, quick and easy to add to your prepped meals for the week), all you have to do is listen to your body and make the foods that not only nourish your body but also your soul. And continue to follow me for updates on my meal prepping journey!


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