Meal Prep- Week 3 of 2019

Does anyone else feel like this is dragging already but also like it’s flying by at the same time? This week has already been a challenging one. From roommate drama to working on a 35-page brief that I waited till the last minute to do to balancing work and school. Meal prep was super key this week taking the thought out of my food.

Here’s what’s on the menu this week: Challah French Bread Casserole with a Ricotta Chorizo Spinach mix (the mix not pictured); Chicken Burrito Bowls; and Chicken Pot Pie Soup with Biscuits.

Challah Bread French Toast Casserole

Last week I was really craving bread. Like REALLY craving bread. So I figured why not make french toast for the week. I’m really trying to avoid soy in most of my foods (mainly because i’m slightly allergic) and buying bread was getting tiring at the store because most store bought bread has some form of soy in it…so I made my own bread. My roommate Michelle’s mom had this recipe for challah bread so I made my own challah! BOY IT WAS GOOD. I also made a Ricotta Chorizo Spinach mix which photographs like cat throw-up so I didn’t picture it here. It’s so good though and balances out the sweetness of my french toast casserole.

Chicken Burrito Bowls

For lunches I wanted to do something simple but also tasty. Now I’m trying to also save a little money that I normally spend eating out (I even only get coffee from coffeeshops only on Fridays now and call it Chai-day), so when I was craving Chipotle last week, this is what I decided to make instead. At first I was going to try and make a copy-cat recipe of their chicken, but alas, I got lazy and didn’t follow through on that, but dang this was good and hit the spot (at least so far it has!). It’s a little hard to bring all the components with me on the go (because you don’t wanna have to pull the lettuce out to heat the chicken and rice up, and I would never microwave sour cream… sounds like a disaster) but overall I give this a thumbs up! Next week through I think I might just make some fancy sandwiches for lunches. I’ll keep y’all posted.

Chicken Pot Pie “Soup” over a Biscuit

Lastly, with snow on the ground and cold nights, I wanted to do a comfort food… I also really wanted biscuits and gravy. So here is the compromise: a chicken pot pie “soup” (I put the quotes because it doesn’t really have the consistency of a soup, but works just the same) over biscuits. No I didn’t make the biscuits but maybe one week I will try!

Let’s see, altogether this meal prep cost about $55 in groceries (last week the chicken I bought for the chicken tenders was buy one get one free so I got this week’s chicken for dinner free which drove down the cost). That means for each meal (15) I spent a total of $3.67. Now that’s a bargain. Check back next week to see what I make! And like always if you want recipes send me a message!


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