Meal Prep- Week 4 of 2019

This is a week of trying things and remembering practice makes perfect. At least two of these recipes did not turn out as good as I was hoping (but they are definitely still edible). I also struggled with whether or not people were going to judge me this week. As you will see there are not a ton of veggies this week (the past few weeks have had salad incorporated into lunch and a good portion of veggies with dinner). That wasn’t intentional. I love veggies, but this week it seemed what I wanted most was cheese and as you will see it’s incorporated into every dish.

Brie Popovers with a Blackberry Sauce

For breakfast this week I went back to my normal scrambled eggs and sausage. I love this combo because its so simple and easy to make right before heading off to work. To help keep it from getting boring I attempted to make these Brie Popovers with a Blackberry Jam. I say attempted because the blackberry jam became a sauce and the popovers were not as springy as the picture made them seem. They were a little denser than I’d hoped for. But nevertheless they are tasty as fuck. I can’t wait to try and make these again and hopefully they will turn out a little better.

Four Cheese Spinach Lasagna

For dinner I wanted to make lasagna and I’ve made this lovely spinach lasagna before and enjoyed it a lot. It’s not too hearty, but mixes the best: mozzarella, parmesan, and ricotta together with noodles. OMG so good. It may not be super tall but the flavors make it great. Next time though I think I’ll want to use some chicken in it. And I really want to try make a red sauce one (from scratch) here soon too!

Bruschetta, Prosciutto, Cheese and Almond Slivers

Last week I realized that I didn’t have any good snacks for the afternoon. I get hungry in the afternoon and then go looking for candy or granola bars and end up in a sugar coma. So this week I made myself a little spread for every day packed full of flavor and protein. It’s quite simple to put together too each afternoon and I feel so fancy eating it!

Sandwich Bread

One of my favorite foods is a sandwich. Think about it, you can put anything between two pieces of bread and BAM you have a sandwich. Shopping for sandwich bread is not only overwhelming because of the variety of breads out there, but also because half of the time when you read the ingredients you’re like “WHAAAAA?” I can’t even pronounce half of them. So I decided to make my own bread.

I love making bread by hand. I love getting flour everywhere and feeling the dough in between my fingers. And this bread turned out great except the fluffiness. I wanted it to be a bit fluffier, so I decided to try again because a turkey sandwich with provolone cheese deserves the best bread!

Next week my goal is to reincorporate veggies into at least two of these meals… and maybe I’ll try making some more bread.


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