Meal Prep- Week 11 of 2019


Another week, another meal prep! This week I made some fantastic food. It was spring break, so there wasn’t a lot of meal prepping here. I like to take time to brush off the normalities of work and school schedules during spring break and find time to listen to what I actually want to eat. So there was some pizza, some poke bowls, and some Chipotle thrown in this past week. And then these gems.

Asparagus with Penne Chicken Pesto

This first meal wasn’t for me. It was for my boyfriend who had a weekend class and couldn’t meal prep this past weekend. He said, make whatever you want and this is what I came up with. It was simple, just tomatoes, chicken and penne pasta with seasonings and pesto. The asparagus was easy too, just add salt. Needless to say, it was delicious. And damn, it photographs well.

Meatball Soup

This week was really cold. Bomb Cyclone anyone? It was the strangest weather I’ve ever been in and it was like my body already knew what was coming. I don’t really care for soup, but this week I was really wanting to make a soup. And I’m super happy I did. Look how great it turned out. It was pack with vegetables and some homemade meatballs. No I didn’t actually eat it with cheez-its, but they added to the picture. While spending spring break in a blizzard wasn’t my favorite (where is spring??????), this past week was pretty nice. Everyone kept calling it “The Last Spring Break.” I, of course, just laughed. I’ve technically had the last spring break twice (seeing as I had a 5 year break between undergrad and law school). It’s funny to think of things as our lasts.

Why does this have to be anyone’s last spring break…vacations are real still and you can take them whenever you want. We can make things happen anytime we want, as long as we believe in it and in ourselves. As Ariana Grande says “I want it, I got it.” Will it take some work? Of course, but that’s the best part of life. Just because law school is coming to an end doesn’t mean that we have to never have a spring break again. Create your own spring break moments next spring. Build in time to sit in the sun and drink those tasty beverages. Laugh, have fun, and take a break. It doesn’t have to even happen in the spring. Listen to your body, eat the soup, take the break and enjoy life a bit. You’ll be happy you did.


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