Meal Prep- Weeks 21, 22, and 23


I’ve been struggling to want to stay creative lately. Bar prep is underway, but that’s not the only reason why…I’ve started rewriting a novel I wrote back in like 2011 and it takes a lot of creativity to do that! But I have a backlog of food to share with you all! Here we go!

Growing up and in college and then when i first went out on my own Top Ramen was all I ate. Nowadays I no longer just use the seasonings they give me, but toss that little packet out and add veggies, chicken broth instead of water, some meat, and an egg. What a game changer!! It’s so freaking good and you can customize it!

I mean look at it! It’s overflowing with food and it’s so much better for you than that packet of seasoning they toss at you like you are a common day peasant. What else can you put in a bowl?? Oatmeal! I was really feeling oatmeal during week 21 so I got some berries, some honey and threw it on top of oatmeal and BAM perfection! But let’s be honest I really wanted a donut every day instead…oh well.

Keeping with the customizable food options I also made PIZZA! Dude this is something I love the most…when I can create my own. This is the best way to do it too! Preheat your oven to 500 degrees, grab some Naan, add some sauce, cheese and toppings and bake for like 10 minutes and BAM you have pizza in less than 20 minutes. Now how’s that for not delivery AND not frozen??

During week 22 I also made my own Kale Almond Pesto which was so good! I like a good pesto but it’s either too expensive to buy and sometimes to make! This recipe came from a recipe book I got for my birthday titled, ” A Lot on Her Plate.” TOTALLY WORTH IT! All I did was cook up some pasta and chicken and tossed it all together with some parm and bon apetit!

This past week I’ve been experimenting, but not really loving my options. I made a great sweet potato hash (just sweet potatoes shredded and cooked up with peppers in a little olive oil!). There were minor flaws in my last two dishes… first I bought raw wild shrimp… nope, never again, it was weird… and second I forgot how much I hate cooked spinach which made the last dish hard to eat by the third day.

You take chances and sometimes they work out and sometimes they do not. This next week though I am working on making some of my favorite foods again and making them work with the new food meal plan I am working under the parameters of… more on that another time!


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