Meal Prep- Week 24 of 2019

Oatmeal with bananas and eggs with peppers

So this week I started a new workout plan which comes with a meal prep plan too! It’s very simple to follow. While there are specific foods you should eat it leaves a lot of flexibility in choosing your foods and I get to eat A LOT of food. This is a picture of my first breakfast (my pre-workout meal). It’s very simple: half a banana with one packet of oatmeal, two eggs and a cup of sweet peppers chopped up. It’s so easy and not too heavy to, about an hour later, jump into an hour workout. Typically after my workout its a smoothie, a piece of toast and some turkey bacon (not cool enough to photograph but maybe next week).

Almond crusted chicken, hash browns, mixed veggies and some raspberries

Now this is technically my fourth meal of the day. The one before this was simple: chicken sausage, applesauce, and broccoli. This meal though was a great balance. The Almond crusted chicken (a mixture of almond flour, salt, pepper, garlic powder and lemon zest, dipped in egg wash bath then dipped in the above-mentioned mixture) was great! The rest didn’t take long to make because I used frozen mixed veggies (steam in the bag for the win!) and Simply Potato Hashbrowns. The raspberries add a nice little dessert to the meal and it kept me full mid-way through the day…which is great with all the bar studying happening here!

Now this picture did not turn out as I hoped it would, but another really simple one! Some pork in the back, some broccoli, and some mashed potatoes with sesame seeds. So easy to make and so good when all I really wanted was some french fries! While I prefer chicken, the pork was a great change. It also was a great way to end the day!

Week one down of this new eating plan. It wasn’t perfect, and I did cheat a little when I went to a baseball game, but not too much! Next week it’s looking like a new take on the egg scramble, some light breakfast burritos, a “burrito bowl”, and a nice rice dish. See you then!


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