Meal Prep- Week 25 of 2019


This week’s meal menu:

  • Pre-workout: Breakfast Burritos
  • Post-Workout: Egg and Sausage Scramble with veggies and Toast
  • Meal 3: Apple Slices, Cucumbers, and Cottage Cheese
  • Meal 4: “Burrito Bowl”
  • Meal 5: Rice with Ground Turkey, Mushrooms, Onions and Green Beans

Sounds good right??

So every morning this week has started super simple which is nice because waking up is super hard especially when you know that you have a day of studying to look forward to and nothing else. But I managed to get up each day and make a really simple burrito with a small 6 inch whole wheat tortilla, a cup of spinach, and some well seasoned eggs. I am so proud of how these turned out! I mean I even managed to make my eggs on nice big round “patty” to make rolling it into the tortilla and eating even easier. Some days to spice it up I added some sriracha to the mix.

After my workout I ate this beauty above. Just some more eggs… I really love eggs… some finely chopped up sweet peppers and some turkey sausage. On the side I typically just had a piece of toast and a banana which is not very exciting. When I ran out of peppers I simply switched to spinach or a pico de gallo instead. Still just as good and gave me just enough variety that I didn’t get too bored!

My midday snack typically included cottage cheese, apples, and cucumbers. No I did not eat this entire bowl of cucumbers each day, but I did eat about a cup of cucumbers each day. Cucumbers can be super bland though, so always make sure to add something to them, whether it’s dill, pepper and salt, or lemon juice.

Another super easy dish for lunch is a burrito bowl. Here I chopped up some romaine lettuce, grabbed some cherry tomatoes, heated up a can of fat-free refried beans and shredded a rotisserie chicken from the grocery store deli. Every day I combined the ingredients and threw some cheese on it and bam! the perfect lunch. And this meal so easy to take on the go with me. I will be remaking this lunch next week, with some minor changes. So be on the lookout.

The last meal of the day was something hearty. I tossed some ground turkey, mushrooms, and onions in a skillet with a little bit of olive oil and some Italian seasonings, threw a bag of green beans in the microwave, and cooked up some brown rice to make this lovely plate of food. It tasted fantastic and helped balance out the rest of the day.

Next week I’m including some new meats into my meals because I am not a proud Butcher Box recipient. I’ll go into more detail on next week’s blog about it all. For now, I’m just super excited to try some new tricks and techniques! Hope you enjoyed this week’s meals!


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