Restaurant Shenanigans: Rhein Haus


Here’s a fun fact about me. I was born in Germany! Now I don’t have dual citizenship, nor did I live there long enough to learn any of the language, and I haven’t been back since we left when I was like a year old. But I do enjoy the culture and the food! So back at the beginning of June, when Haris and I had a night out in Denver, we of course started the night with a trip to one of our favorite restaurants: Rhein Haus.

Rhein Haus is a cool spot to hang down off 14th and Market in Downtown Denver. Not only is their food great but if you like Bocce ball, they have a few courts set up both on the downstairs level and the upstairs level. Now we’ve never actually played bocce ball, nor do I pretend to have the vaguest notion of what it even is. So if you aren’t into that it’s okay because really…you go for the bratwursts!

Since we were celebrating I went ahead and ordered a Summer Spritz (a citrus twist on an aperol spritz) which was an amazing choice! Haris of course got a beer like you should do when having brats and sauerkraut. Rhein Haus always has great drinks whether you like mixed drinks like the one above or a hearty beer. But enough on that…Now for the good stuff!

There are so many options for food here! Typically I get the Pork Schnitzel or the Spatzle. But on this night we both went for the bratwurst instead. Haris, dissecting his food with his eyes on the top left, ordered the Munich in a bun with a side of fries and curry ketchup. The Munich is a  house-made Habanero cheddarwurst with Tillamook cheddar cheese and crispy sweet onions. Let’s just say the bratwurst didn’t last long after I took these photos! The curry ketchup is what intrigued me most here. Ketchup isn’t high on my list of condiments, I prefer mustard and mayo, but this ketchup has a unique flavor to it, that changes my taste buds a little. So of course, I helped eat those fries a bit.

For my meal, I went with a traditional bratwurst served on top of a bed of sauerkraut and mashed potatoes. Guys, this place has some amazing mashed potatoes, which much like eggs is a staple in my diet. The flavors of the brat and sauerkraut pair perfectly together too! I don’t typically care for sauerkraut at home, but I love it here. Overall, a top notch place to get dinner… but an even better place for our favorite dessert.

That’s right, what really makes this place our favorite to go to is the Apple Strudel. Haris literally chooses to go here when he is craving some strudel. Now every time we have eaten here the strudel is different in its presentation (sometimes two longer pieces or one longer piece), but the flavor is always great! And after our equally large meals, this strudel was the perfect size for use to share! The layers of apple, golden raisins, graham cracker crumbs, and cinnamon create quite a symphony of flavors in one’s mouth! Even if you don’t want bratwursts or any other entrees on the menu, go for the strudel! I am a little biased towards that recommendation because Haris and I have yet to try other desserts on the menu. One day though I will convince him to try the Berliners or the German Chocolate Cake. Until then, make sure to go and get the strudel. You won’t be sorry you did!

Website: Rhein House Denver

Address: 1415 Market St, Denver, CO 80202


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