Meal Prep- Week 28 and 29 of 2019


I know it has been radio silence around here but studying for the bar is my top priority, but I have found some time today to put a little post together for you all.

So this is a mix of meals from the past two weeks! It started with a slow-cooked beef shoulder with dill and green onions from my garden! The beef shoulder came from my last Butcher Box! Dang was it tasty.

I slow cooked it for about 5 hours with the onions and dill, but I also added some bacon grease. It really kept it very tender and juicy.

The beef was great with some rice mixed with riced vegetables. I’m a little short on time to cook these days so its so helpful that you can buy frozen riced vegetables as well as frozen rice that just needs to be microwaved. These are a fantastic products to have in the freezer for you to use when you are super busy or traveling a lot!

Comfort foods are always a must for the soul when you are stressed. It’s funny though because a lot of my comfort foods tend to be what a five year old would eat. When I purchased the mac ‘n’ cheese and chicken nuggets at Target, alongside a lego set as a gift for an actual five year old, the Target cashier was like “Oh I can see what you are having for dinner tonight. I’m probably going through a drive through, but its okay because I only need to feed myself.” I paused thinking about what he may have been implying and said, “oh I only have to feed myself too. Don’t worry I’m adding veggies to it.” He tilted his head, looked at what I bought, smiled and told me to have a good day. Haha…and colorful cauliflower I did add…and my five year old meal I did enjoy for like four days that week.

But don’t worry I ate like an adult too. Here is a classic breakfast of mine: eggs, sausage, and cheese. This time though I added some riced veggies to it! Gotta get those veggies in!

So my roommates and I tend to rotate on who buys eggs each week, and usually we buy about 2- 18 egg cartons. This past week, we were low on eggs and the one roommate who like never eats eggs decided to make breakfast for dinner so he brought home one carton. Well earlier that day the other roommate went and bought the usual 2 cartons. So we had about 54 eggs at one time! So I went ahead and made some egg salad! Add some sweet potato tots and blackberries and you have a great lunch!

Another classic breakfast. I’ve been trying to make sure that I have a lot of veggies to keep me going so here I added a full zucchini, chopped up, to my eggs. SO good!

Alright, the last meal. A nice steak with some veggie pasta. I love this veggie pasta…its made from zucchini and lentils. You buy it, you steam it in the microwave, and you plate it… so easy! We are about 8 days away from the bar exam, which means 8 days until I can get creative and make so new meals for you all! And don’t worry, I have so much great content from dinners at people’s homes to restaurants and my garden! Also I’m headed to Las Vegas after the bar, which means… pics from some of my favorite places are coming!


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