Meal Prep- Week 30 and 31 of 2019

As the bar drew nearer over these two weeks the meal prepping went way down because the nerves went way up! Plus during week 31 it was two days of hotel living and eating, then off to Las Vegas for a quick trip of baby showers and birthdays and then right back to Denver. So here’s another blog filled with tasty baked goods.

However, like normal, I made and ate eggs for breakfast. This is my first good poached egg. Damn, poached eggs are hard to make, but they taste so good! I’ve been watching youtube videos on how to make these eggs! I put the eggs (this one and a less pretty one) on a bed of zucchini fried with some bologna (I know its weird but its tasty) and add some extra protein with sausage. Overall, not too shabby for trying to make eggs at home in a new way!

During the summer I typically don’t want anything super heavy to eat, so I turn to adult lunchables as I call them. Some ritz crackers with prosciutto, salami, some raspberries, sharp cheddar, and my favorite lately: dill harvarti! I literally ate this meal for lunch every day the week leading up to the bar.

Next up is a very bright summer pasta salad. Snow peas, radishes, penne, green onion, and asparagus don this dish. I was originally setting out to make an exact recipe from one of my many cookbooks, but when I failed to go get dry white wine to cook with, I had to improvise. I mean, why can’t they just sell wine in Colorado grocery stores?? Overall this was a great dish, but didn’t fair well reheated. I think this will be a great dish to keep in mind for summer dinner parties or picnics!

And so it begins…the baked goods portion of the blog. We’ve got brownies, M&M Cookie bars and S’mores cookies. Don’t they look tasty?

See…. so tasty! Next up is my first time making Pasta Carbonara. Now this was an amazing dish but much like the poached eggs, not perfect. But that’s what I’m learning as I get more adventurous with my cooking…nothing is ever perfect the first time and that’s okay. On this Carbonara, the pan was too hot when I added the egg mixture and the eggs cooked a little faster than intended. Mistakes happen and sometimes make the most delicious of meals, and this was delicious!

On July 31 we had more than one reason to celebrate! The Bar Exam was over and Harry Potter turned 39! Just like each year, I made Harry Potter cupcakes based off Hagrid’s cake in celebration!

And just like that it’s over. Next week things will start to head back a bit normal. I have the week off though which means I may be trying some new restaurants and making some new meals! And since the bar is over I have tons of content coming your way. Stay tuned!


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