Restaurant Shenanigans: In-N-Out

Many of my readers already know this about me, but if you didn’t well you will now: I’m originally from Las Vegas but currently reside in Denver. So when I go home I go hard on food, because the food scenes of these two cities is vastly different. This last trip home was quick, but we still made sure to make it to In-n-Out, which I’d been craving for months!
I’ve never been too huge on hamburgers until recently. I think part of that is the stigma behind eating burgers and the other part is they can be just a little too heavy for me. But this trip, it’s all I wanted. We don’t have an In-n-Out in Colorado just yet, but it’s coming! What I like about this company is that it pays its employees a good wage, isn’t homophobic like some other “religious” companies, and uses fresh ingredients. That last one is huge! You can literally taste the difference between this burger and a McDonald’s burger. How is it possible? In-n-Out has a systematic approach. In scouting its first Colorado location, the company first looked for a place to put a distribution center. Every store must be within 500-600 mile radius of a company distribution center in order to ensure fresh meat, produce and other ingredients are used at every store. But more importantly, the ingredients found at these distribution centers are locally sourced. Hence why the menu is short and sweet. In-n-Out is the type of company people should support because of its business practices and products. It’s a damn good burger, but it’s also a place that attempts to connect farms with consumers. Now I’m not a fan of their fries… but they are fresh. Add a milkshake though and you are good to go. Ultimately, I wanted to highlight this place for its great business practices. You may disagree with the idea that it’s one of the best hamburgers you can get, but you can’t disagree that if more companies had business practices (from wages to quality ingredients) like In-n-Out, the world would be a much better place.

So if you are like me, waiting for the new locations to be built and open here in Colorado, just know you are in for a treat next year! And if you can’t wait till then head to California, Nevada, Arizona, or another west coast state and grab yourself a burger and a shake!

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