Restaurant Shenanigans: Seoul K-B.B.Q. & Hot Pot

Now some days call for some good ole Korean BBQ and that’s what we are talking about here! Now I’ve been to this place in Aurora twice now. The first time we had a private room with like 6 people and a lot of drinks going around and we missed our movie that we planned on going to after dinner.

This second time was a little less chaotic. A nice chill dinner with my friend Van celebrating law school successes. I was always a little afraid of places like this before meeting adventurous foodies like Van and Ali. Why do you ask? There are so many foods that I don’t know the name of which scares me a lot. Now that’s something I bet you didn’t think I would ever say because hello…I have a food blog. But it’s true. While I would like to say that I will try anything and everything, I can only do so if someone else is with me. And that’s okay! Sometimes you need adventure buddies and I’m blessed to have so many.

Anyways the way Korean BBQ works is that they bring you SO MANY SIDES. I’m not kidding, there are like 20 sides here ranging from kimchi to potato salad. It’s amazing and scary. But even better when they will replenish your sides that you finish off and want more of!

Next you order meat. We ordered Bugolgi (not pictured here unfortunately), which is thin, marinated slices of beef grilled on a barbecue or on a stove-top griddle. We waited to grill it up until the lovely Pork Belly below was ready to eat. Grilling the meat is easy. The heat is turned on for you and you cook it until it’s the perfect temperature or color for you. Then you eat it up with the sides and some lettuce. It’s amazing!

You can also order other food items outside of your meats and sides. Below is a bowl of Seafood Soon-Tofu (or better described as spicy soft tofu stew served in a clay pot, boiling hot!). I was a little timid about eating this at first, but hot damn (yes it was really hot), IT. WAS. TASTY. I wanted to eat a whole boiling hot clay pot of this by myself.

The ultimate lesson of this food adventure: get outside your comfort zone. Also, find friends who will help you get outside your comfort zone and try new things! If you don’t do this, you are gonna miss out on some amazing food.


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