Restaurant Shenanigans: Union Lodge No. 1- An American Bar

Now being from Las Vegas means I like a good strong drink. My go to is usually a Whiskey and Ginger Ale, a Whiskey on the Rocks, or an Old Fashioned. I also enjoy a great alcoholic Butterbeer. The catch here is that I don’t like going to extremely crowded bars or clubs. I prefer a nice bar, that serves good drinks, where you can have a conversation at a pretty reasonable volume. And in Denver I’ve found a couple awesome places. One of these is at Union Lodge in downtown Denver.

This bar offers a sort of prohibition era feel to it. It’s sort of tucked away right off the 16th Street mall. It doesn’t open until 5pm each day. When you enter you see this beautiful exposed brick wall. There’s a seating area of leather couches and then another seating area near the bar of high tops. There isn’t a ton of room for people and that’s what makes it charming. I love to get here at 5pm on a Friday and grab a spot in the corner.

And like always, I really love to bring this cutie below along with me. I typically, hoever, meet my law mentor here and catch up on life and what it’s like to be a lawyer.

Now for the main event. The drink menu. Union Lodge specializes in old-timey drinks. It’s part of their identity. From Seasonal Collins to Old Fashioneds to Sherry Cobblers and Gin Fizzes. You can find anything from sweet to the heavy hitting drinks. Hell, they even do fire tricks with your drink if you order the Red, White, and Blue Blazer.

And I mean look how amazing these drinks end up looking. As someone who loves the aethetics of food just as much as the taste of it, it’s nice to get a drink that doesn’t come to you in a solo cup or the equivalent. While in the days of my youth (yes, I know i’m only thrity, still young to some, but hella old to others) a mixed drink in a solo cup at a loud bar served it’s purpose. These days though, a beautifully constructed cocktail makes a Friday evening perfect. But believe me, these drinks still pack quite the punch even though they may look harmless. Nevertheless, if you want a good first date spot, a nice place to grab before dinner drinks (food is not served here), or somewhere to meet up with an old friend or a mentor, this is place is perfect. Make sure to check it out.


Address: 1543 Champa St. Denver, CO 80202

Phone: (720) 389-0447


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