Meal Prep- Week 36 of 2019

Can anyone else believe that it’s the 36th week of the year…we are 69% of the way done with this year! YAAAASSSS that means fall is coming! While I love a good summer, I really don’t enjoy cooking during the summer months. I also really miss sauces on everything during summer, because it’s not really a thing. But what makes me really excited about fall is that Thanksgiving is right around the corner. I’m dreaming of mashed potatoes and turkey as I write this.

Anyways, while summer is still holding on strong we have some summer dishes (with hints of fall at dinner) for the blog this week. Since I did a Poké Bowl blog this week I of course had those for lunch. Now while these bowls may seem like they could get extra boring eating every day, just know if you change the sauce or add crab salad or seaweed salad or change the fish up, it’s like eating a whole new bowl.

Now here’s an easy snack. When I get sushi I like to get Philadelphia rolls. Why? the mixture of cream cheese and fish are just superb. I also have become very fond of eating salmon on my bagels in past year or so. Taking this love of fish and cream cheese I decided to add it to some cucumbers and toss on some ‘Everything but the Bagel’ seasoning from Trader Joe’s and create a very tasty snack! It’s truly worth a try and pretty healthy.

Ahhhhh now we come to dinner. I loved the mushroom sauce I made last week, so of course I had to make it again. This time instead of drizzling it over steak, I added it to the top of some smashed fingerling potatoes. Add some scallops that were cooked in a nice butter bath (not seared as you can tell, but just as good) and then grab some steamed in the bag brussel sprouts and there’s dinner.

This was a great dinner to come home to and toss in the microwave each night. It’s simple and satisfying. That mushroom sauce though, still leaves me longing for early sunsets and chilly nights. Fall, are you almost here yet??


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