Restaurant Shenanigans: El Five

Be ready to see some tasty treats! For our friend Ilene’s birthday we surprised her with tons of her friends at El Five, an amazing tapas place in Denver.

Overall El Five is pretty small, but the food and the views are great! I mean look at them.

You never realize how much construction is happening in Denver until you see how many cranes are in the skyline. Now onto the goods!! FOOD!

We had a group of 12 people at two tables so each table went to town on ordering food! We ordered our tapas and they came out in waves and in no particular order. Above is a lovely hummus plate! Perfectly light and airy as expected!

Now this was delish. It may not look like it but this is the Lamb Sausage tapa from the menu. I wanted a much larger plate of this all to myself, unfortunately I had to share it with five other people! The mixture of veggies and meat is perfect! Truly a must have!

Next up is the Dungeness Crab! Oh girl I love a good crab dish so when I saw this on the menu I was like “yes please.”

But the real star of the show was the Patatas Bravas. OMG I almost ordered another 5 plates of these potatoes. I mean not only is it a gorgeous plate, it also tasted exquisite. If you only go to El Five for one thing, it’s definitely not gonna be the views, it’s gonna be these potatoes.

Now I’m not really sure why you would want to share a Spanakopita. Not everyone gets a good bite here. If there’s two of you then get this, but if not just pass. It wasn’t my favorite.

We finished the night with a paella. Now it wasn’t as good as Ali’s paella (go take a look at that blog post if you haven’t already), but it was alright. But $60 for this guy seemed sort of overpriced. Next time I’ll just stick to the tapas and call it good.

All in all this was a great experience but not a place I’d head weekly unless I’m rolling in the cash money monies. But check it out, it makes for a great date night or girls night for sure!

2930 Umatilla St,Unit 500, Denver, CO


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