Meal Prep: Week 39 and 40 of 2019

It’s officially fall which means PUMPKIN SEASON. And you best believe i’ve tried a lot of the pumpkin items this season. I mean see below. My favorite?? The Pumpkin Pie Pop-tarts. I have yet to see these beauties in store, but you can order them off Amazon!

And this pumpkin kringle (below) I got from Trader Joes! I mean I know it’s basic and sometimes frowned upon. But I just can’t help it. I love pumpkin items. But honestly, check out this Kringle… you can order it online here:

Anyways, it’s been a really busy past two weeks worrying about bar results and the like. So there was a lot of eating out to be had, but here are a few of the meals I’ve eaten. First up, a refried bean and chicken dip with Siete Grain Free Tortilla Chips. I really love these chips. Not only are they grain free, thus gluten free, they taste fantastic. How are they grain-free? Siete uses cassava flour! Worth every penny.

Next up we have a butternut squash ravioli with chicken on the side. These lovely ravioli come pre-made at Trader Joes. A few minutes in coiling water and they are good to eat. I added a butter garlic sauce to the top. This is a great go to fall dish for lunch or dinner.

Of course it’s ramen season again and I have found the best gluten-free rice noodles by Lotus foods! This week’s ramen: vegetable broth, egg, noodles, bacon and garlic. Simple. Fast. Yummy. And here’s to many more ramen nights.

Last up is a really easy meal. Now I got the brisket for free already made, but with this Minute Rice brown rice and some Campbell’s cream of mushroom soup, this easy dinner was perfect! I love easy dinners during the week. And you can never go wrong with rice and meat!

Needless to say I am ready for some cool fall nights (and some potential snow coming this week), some soups, beef stroganoff and more coming up in the next few weeks. If you’d like to see anything particular on the blog int he next few weeks let me know!


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  1. Christine says:

    Cinnamon. Let’s talk cinnamon.


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