Restaurant Shenanigans: Mixing Bowl Cookie Dough

It was a lunch talk at law school with a panel of “food lawyers.” We thought it would be just another talk about food law and what career paths you could take within this niche field of law. Then my world came crashing down… okay that’s a little dramatic. What happened was one of the lawyers on the panel decided to share with us all, that it’s not jsut the eggs in raw cookie dough that you have to worry about getting salmonella from…but also the flour! I could handle taking my chances on just eggs, but two ingredients that could make me sick means I’m out. So on to find edible cookie dough.

Luckily that hunt was short. There’s a great edible cookie dough in Aurora. YAY! And when we went, this place was BUSY!!! There wasn’t a lot of seating inside and all of the outside seating was occupied so we ordered our dough and headed home with our treats.

It’s a pretty self-explanatory process. You go in, pick your size. Now, not only does this place scoop you out some cookie dough, you can pair it with ice cream. Or you can be a traditionalist and just get cookie dough! They also have cones and waffle bowls, because why wouldn’t you??

After you choose your side it works just like an ice cream place. Pick yo’ flavors…there’s plenty of flavors to try and the staff is extremely helpful.

Below we have chocolate ice cream with chocolate chip cookie dough. You know how great a place’s cookies are based on their chocolate chip cookie dough. So of course I tried the chocolate chip and i give it an 8/10 on its own, but with the chocolate ice cream I bump it up to a 10/10.

Haris went rogue and got brownie batter and strawberry sorbet. He loved it though. Can’t say it would be my favorite combo.

Overall, I want to try this place again and try more flavors like the cake batter and turtle. ohhhh or even a cookie dough sandwich! It’s a great concept and great product! Make sure to go and check it out!


Address: 5580 S. Parker Road, Aurora, CO 80015


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