Restaurant Shenanigans: Brickhouse Tavern and Tap- Brunch

You know I love a good brunch. When Tom and Katie were like wanna brunch? Haris and I were like… Duh! And into Parker we headed to grab some drinks and eats! As you can see we started with drinks. Katie and I began with mimosas which are not that fun to photograph, but the guys started with some awesome looking beverages.

Haris started off with the first drink above: the Zombie. This drink has a 2 drink limit on it and with about 3-4 different alcohols in it, it makes sense. Tom started with the lovely Bloody Mary. Though if you ask me, I don’t understand the Bloody Mary at all. First why is there so much food on top of it? Second, why would you wanna drink a cold spiked tomato soup? Don’t sign me up for this drink…ever. Tom gave it two thumbs up so I guess it was good. Now let’s get on to the food.

Haris of course grabbed the Philly Cheesesteak. He judges every place we go to on their cheesesteak. While this was not up to par with his favorite Philly in Denver, he did enjoy it. I stole a tater tot and it was a bit dry, but overall, not a bad meal.

Tom tried out the Nashville Hot Chicken Sandwich. If I remember correctly he didn’t think it was all that hot, but he did enjoy it. I’m sure he will let me know if I have that wrong at all. I will say, dang though, look at that sauce and the slight hint of slaw on the edge there. YUM!

Katie went with a tried and true brunch staple: Chicken and Waffles. Katie seems to judge a place on their chicken fingers, which I wholly agree with. If your chicken fingers are dry, yuck. If there is way more breading than chicken, yuck. If your chicken fingers are moist and the breading to chicken ratio is more chicken than breading… YUM! Katie didn’t finish this giant meal, but she sure did enjoy it!

I opted for the Southern Fried Chicken Benedict. First things first, the potato hash on the side was a bit overdone. Now that that is out of the way… the rest was delicious. The eggs were poached perfectly, the chicken delicious and instead of a biscuit it sat on a great piece of Texas toast.

I mean… look at it. Is your mouth watering yet? The deliciousness of this part of the dish made up for the dry potato hash 100%! The egg yolk… now is your mouth watering?

The guys decided to end the brunch fest with this lovely drink… the Red Bull Trash Can. I’ll just let you imagine what is in this. Anyways, if you are in the Parker area check out the brunch at Brickhouse Tavern and Tap. But maybe don’t sit outside because the bees love brunch as much as we do!


Address: 9320 Cottonwood Drive, Parker, CO 80138


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