Meal Prep: Weeks 44 & 45 of 2019

Disclaimer… I know this steak looks like a butt. ANYWAYS, it’s another post about the meals I ate over the past two weeks. I guess I haven’t really explained why I like to blog about my weekly eats in a while. So here it goes…

Rice-a-Roni, Steak, and Mixed Veggies

This all started out as a way come up with new meals each week and to stop eating out so often, and for the most part it has worked. But life is about balance and we have to eat out some days, hence why I started the Restaurant Shenanigans posts. I try to diversify what I eat each week, because I just cannot eat the same meal every day every week. Haris can, but I cannot.


Sometimes I want something complex like this Olive Garden inspired Chicken and Gnocchi soup. So I’ll find a recipe and bam! We have the best soup for the week! And it’s SO worth it!

Hidden Veggie Meatballs Spaghetti

Other times I want something I already know how to make and will then post recipes about it. These Hidden Veggie Meatballs were on point this week for spaghetti dinners. No, I didn’t make the sauce or the noodles, but who has the time.

Ingredients: Minute Brown Rice and Quinoa, Cream of Chicken Soup, Milk, Cheese, Spinach, Chicken and Carrots

And then sometimes I just throw a whole bunch of stuff into a pot and see what happens. That’s what happened this week with this Cheesy Chicken Rice Bake. It turned out pretty awesome actually!

The point of this post is to say that my reason for doing these posts isn’t to be like “look at me, I can cook!” It’s actually to keep me accountable and to showcase some easy meal ideas for all of you to make! Check back next Saturday for some new ideas for you to try!


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