Special Edition: Thanksgiving Desserts (that aren’t pie)

Now I love a great pie. I look forward to pie on Thanksgiving. A nice big slice of pie after two servings of Thanksgiving dinner (yes, I said two servings, judge me…) is the perfect ending to the perfect day. However, sometimes you have to mix it up, especially when you meet someone who doesn’t like pie. Have no fear, I have curated three desserts you can serve at your holiday dinner!

  1. Pumpkin Fluff Dip with Apples

This is a great recipe for a dessert kids will definitely enjoy! It’s a very easy thing to make too! All you need is a tub of cool whip, one package of vanilla pudding mix, and one can of pumpkin. Mix it all together, top with some cinnamon and serve with apples! Everyone will enjoy this festive treat.

2. Poached Pear Pastries

Now this one is a little more difficult to make but it’s worth it. It’s not overly sweet but includes all theThanksgiving seasonings alive.

Here’s the recipe: https://www.tasteofhome.com/recipes/honeyed-pears-in-puff-pastry/

Now I tweeked that recipe a little. Instead of vanilla bean I used some vanilla extract and instead of cloves I used some nutmeg. It changes the consistency of the syrup part a bit, but the flavors were amazing! If you have a little extra time, try these out!

3. Apple and Raisin Shortcake

Here’s a fun twist on a summer dessert. While we all love strawberry shortcake, we don’t necessarily want it after a fall turkey feast. So why not mix it up with some great fall flavors? Make sure to check out this recipe on tomorrow’s blog!

Whatever you choose make sure you enjoy every moment of making delicious treats with your loved ones. For me… I’ll be eating pie and the pumpkin fluff because those pears are already gone!


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