Restaurant Shenanigans: Rosenbergs Bagel

One of my favorite spots to grab a bagel sandwich in Denver is in the neighborhood of Five Points. The first time I ever visited Five Points was actually on a class field trip for the clinic I participated in during law school. Five Points gets a bad rap, but it’s a neighborhood so full of culture., but also this bagel shop and deli: Rosenberg’s Bagel and Delicatessen.

When you walk in it’s like being transported to a little slice of NYC in Colorado. But beware the line will be long and there are two entrances. I prefer to go in through the back entrance and secure myself a spot in line instead of awkwardly wading through people already in line to get to the back.

But like more bagel places you will find amazing displays of bagels and meats to make amazing bagel sandwiches. I mean look at this display below! It’s gorgeous and carb-filled and a world I always want to live in. I mean who doesn’t, unless you hate carbs and then why are you even reading this then?

Anyways Rosenberg’s has everything to make you the perfect bagel sandwich. You can create your own or choose from all the sandwiches listed on the menu. Including lox, a favorite of my roommate. Also I should note, the line will move quickly and you can either get your bagel to go or dine in (though the dining area is small).

And the bagels are sure to please! I mean just look at the joy on my roommate Michelle’s face. Also honorable mention in the photo: that cheese pull! (Note: the background of this photo is Coffee at the Point, a great coffee shop across the street).

Michelle ended up with two bagels: one with bacon, egg and cheese and the other with lox and cream cheese. Below is her first bagel. Look at those layers! Now Michelle knows a good bagel having been to many bagel places all around the Denver area and she’s rather picky about her bagels, and she agrees that Rosenberg’s has one of the best bagels in Denver… if you don’t believe me now then I guess you need to go and check it out yourself.

If you aren’t feeling the bacon, which should be a rare occurrence, but I understand as I did not order bacon on this particular bagel sandwich, you can’t go wrong with a scrambled egg and cheese sandwich! I love the density of these bagels which speaks measures. Think about it. When you head to Einsteins Bagels, the bagels tend to be flat, not thick and bouncy. It is not this way at Rosenberg’s, that I promise.

Egg Bagel with Eggs and Cheddar Cheese

I just cant stress enough how amazing these bagels are. And if you really want some New York classics, make sure to also grab a small pack of black and white cookies! Anyone else love the Marvelous Mrs. Maisel??


Address: Five Points- 725 E 26th Ave., Denver CO 80205 OR Stanley Marketplace- 2501 Dallas St. Aurora, CO 80010


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