Meal Prep: Week 50 of 2019

Can you believe that there are only two more meal prep blogs left this year…this decade? Whattttttt? Anyways, I don’t have much to report. Things have been pretty boring around here this week and of course its Christmas Candy season… so I’ve been eating that…haha…

But it’s about balance right? I’ve been really digging this combo above lately: celery with a store made spinach artichoke dip. It’s quick, It’s easy and it’s relatively healthy. Rumor is celery has negative calories. Quick and easy snacks are going to be one of my focuses come January, because who doesn’t need the midday pick me up, but would rather not have a bag of chips?

This week pre-made bagged salad made it’s return. It was pretty good, except that I’m allergic to raw veggies and that makes things difficult. But never doubt a pre-made salad. Sure, if you aren’t careful the salad could have a lot of calories, but for the most part this is a great healthy low-cal option for lunch. Grab a bag and prep it at lunch time (if it needs any prepping) and you’ve got an easy lunch.

And of course you all remember the mashed potatoes from Tuesday’s Recipe post! I paired these lovely potatoes with a stuffed chicken. The stuffed chicken consisted of bacon, spinach and cheddar cheese and boy was it great.

Overall this was a pretty good week of eating. I also had Chinese food this week and sushi (to be blogged about soon!). In the next two weeks I’ll be traveling and creating some great content to help launch us into the new decade… but also, starting Tuesday I have a giveaway starting! Remember my favorite cookbooks? Well make sure to check in on Tuesday to see which one I’m giving away and how you can win it!


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