Special Edition: Nespresso VertuoLine Machine Review

Guys, I bought a new toy and it’s changed my life. Welcome to the family Nespresso VertuoLine Machine! I’ve never wanted to drink coffee more in my life.

Now I held out on getting one of these machines for quite some time. Why? Well Starbucks once tried to shove its Verismo machine down my throat and well it was a pretty sucky machine so I sort of figured all of these machines would be that way. When I thought about getting one of these single serve coffee machines again I did some research and realized just how bad all of these small pods were for the environment. I mean, how many Keriug pods end up in a single landfill? And whilst I know you can get the reusable pods and just fill it up… where is the ease in that? I’m a millennial…I’m lazy (j/k we aren’t lazy at all).

But then, one of my co-workers got a Nespresso Machine and told me how Nespresso actually recycles their pods. You can request these recycling bags and they come with the postage already included! It’s great. But what’s even better is that this machine is easy to use and there are so many pod flavors! The VertuoLine can make espresso shots or cups of coffee it just depends on the size of the pod. And look, all you have to do is put water in the left container of the machine, open the top pop in a pod, close the top, press the button and …

… you have coffee. The machine is a little noisier than I would like, but it’s not too loud. And the coffee tastes great. It’s not burnt tasting nor is watery. And so far I haven’t found a coffee bod that I dislike! And if you aren’t certain about what flavors of coffee you should try, head over to an actual Nespresso store where they have a tasting bar!

Alongside my new machine I bought the Aeroccino milk frother. So now I can make some cappuccinos with my favorite milk! Also you should try this brand of Oat Milk… It’s amazing!

And the frother is even easier to use than the machine. Pour in the milk, put on the lid, hit the button, wait till done and then pour it on it.

You’ll have perfect foam every time! I mean look at it! Now let’s talk price. I got my machine with the frother on Cyber Monday from Macys for $160. I’ve now seen it on Macy’s website for $175 for the holidays. The VertuoLine Machine seems to go for around $300 when not on sale. You can also get different versions of the machine (which have different pods- no espresso I believe) for cheaper, it all just depends on what you want!

Overall I give this machine a 10/10! If you are on the fence about buying one I say go for it! Totally worth it!

December 2019 Giveaway Question: Do you prefer your coffee black or with milk? (GIVEAWAY CLOSED)


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Katie says:

    It depends on my mood haha! Yesterday I had it black, today I’m going with cream and a tiny bit of sugar. Some days it’s just cream. But it’s NEVER only sugar and it’s a bad day when I only have milk and no cream 😂


  2. jezpurr says:

    Both, sometimes I want it strong, and sometimes I don’t!!!^_^


  3. Shannon says:

    Aloha! I prefer my coffee black! Great article!


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