Special Edition: Hot Cocoa Bar

First things first- the winner of the blog giveaway for December 2019 is Jezpurr! I will be reaching out to you this week and get you your copy of the SaltFatAcidHeat cookbook!

If you are looking to start a new family tradition or if you are hosting a night with friends, this blog is for you! I love a great cup of hot cocoa with just plain old marshmallows on a cold winter night, but sometimes you also just want to fancy it up. Also, I’m not gonna lie, this blog is hella inspired by Chrissy Teigan who not only posted about the “Lucky Charm” marshmallows but also added Teddy Grahams to her hot cocoa recently.

Anyways, serve up all of your favorite toppings in style! I got these cute little ramekins at Michaels Craft Store for $1 each… that’s right only a freaking dollar! It’s always smart to shop closer to Christmas or after Christmas each year to get some great deals on Christmas inspired serveware!

As for toppings you can really choose whatever you want but here are a few of my favorites: Circus Animal Cookies, regular marshmallows, sugar wafer cookies, candy canes, Teddy Grahams and these dehydrated marshmallows (or as i call them “Lucky Charm Marshmallows). I love each of these ingredients on their own, but also for the aesthetics they each bring to the table. And what’s even better is that kids are going to love to put these hot cocoas together!

Here are some of my creations… and boy aren’t they gorgeous!

First up, my Childhood Dreams Hot Cocoa. Toppings include, marshmallows (dehydrated), whipped cream, teddy grahams, wafer cookies and chocolate drizzle. This is a toothache waiting to happen, but it’s so photogenic and tasty that even your adult friends will be instagramming this beauty away! The llama mug is also pretty cool for photos.

Second, Dreamy Circus Hot Cocoa. This has a layer of marshmallows (regular), whipped cream, sprinkles and of course the pink and white Circus Animal Cookies from our youth. The cookies are great to dip in and eat alongside the hot cocoa! I love the whimsical look of these toppings and the more sprinkled you add the better!

Last up, Classic Peppermint Cocoa. All you need on this one is mini candy canes, marshmallows (regular) and chocolate sauce. This is perfect for a cozy night in. It’s not overly sweet.

Whatever you do, make sure to serve your hot cocoas up in fun mugs! It makes each taste that much better! Enjoy!


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