Meal Prep: Week 52 of 2019

Anybody else still confused as to what day of the week it is?? This week has been a whirlwind with NYC adventures and Christmas and yet still having to work. But nevertheless I have the LAST MEAL PREP/MEAL RECAP of 2019 for y’all!

Meal prepping really did not happen this week because I started the week running around NYC taking in all the sights and all the food which I will be recapping over the next few weeks. So we had to be extra creative this week! First up (above)is a steak with smashed marble potatoes dressed with sriracha mayo and served with brussel sprouts.

Next up I grabbed a rotisserie chicken, shredded it up a bit and added it to a bagged fried rice (thank you Uncle Ben!).

Steaks and rice really reigned over the meals this week, because I always try to have them on hand. If there’s one thing I’ve learned this year is that you always need to have some essentials on hand! But more on that later.

Last up is our traditional Roomie Christmas Brunch. Michelle prepared this amazing spread of fruit salad, eggs, thick cut bacon and these maple sausages which were just so good. It was a simple meal but meant so much being able to share it with people I love.

Well that’s a wrap on this year’s Meal Prep blogs. I’ve got some great things planned for next year… just you wait!


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  1. ohiocook says:

    Same here, the days are all mixed up!

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