Restaurant Shenanigans: Milk Bar

Alright… back to NYC foods! One of my favorite places to get dessert in NYC is Milk Bar. Now I want to add a couple disclaimers here: 1) I have only been to the little kiosk type Milk Bars never to the actual standalone shop itself; 2) I’ve only had the Milk Bar Pie (once known as crack pie) and the Birthday Cake Truffles. Anyways there are so many places you can purchase Milk Bar products in NYC and after Haris and I finished our Momofuku Ramen we headed over to this Milk Bar counter which I believe was located inside a Nordstroms.

One of the reasons I love Milk Bar so much is the creator, Christina Tosi. Before I knew what Milk Bar even was, I knew of Tosi from Master Chef. I knew she was big in the dessert and pastry realm of the cooking world, but I didn’t know much more about here until I saw her on Chef’s Table on Netflix. And then I knew I had to visit Milk Bar and get some Crack Pie.

Now this is my second time having the Milk Bar/Crack Pie and as you can see from below its very simple: Brown Sugar, Oat Cookie Crust and Butter. I highly encourage watching her episode of Chef’s Table on Netflix to hear the story behind this pie. It’s a good one!

The reason I love the Milk Bar/Crack Pie is the simplicity of it. I mean look at it, it doesn’t seem like much, but it’s so full of yummy satisfying flavor. The older I get, the more I search for these simple treats or dishes that leave you wanting it again, but also don’t leave you feeling weighed down or heavy. This pie is just that. It’s just the right size to leave you feeling satisfied, but it’s so good that you want so much more of it!

And yes… when I get it, I can’t wait to take a bite out of it, so this picture includes that bite. What I think is most important though about places like Milk Bar is that when you get to know the person behind it and you see their passion for not only the product but also for the process you feel that passion when eating the food. Yes I know Tosi didn’t personally make my slice of pie, but the energy was there.

And Haris loves this pie too. To end this blog I’ll just leave you here with a picture of us enjoying the Milk Bar Pie on the steps of the Met…XoXo Gossip Girl.


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