Meal Prep: Week 2 of 2020

Dang, it’s only the second full week of 2020…

This week we are trying some new things, eating some things we’ve eaten before, and adding some flair to some old things. This week is a little bit about comfort. And what brings more comfort to our lives than a nice bowl of soup?

I’ve shared this soup before in a 2019 meal prep blog, but it’s so good that I made it again, this time adding a little kale to the mix. I’m going to post a recipe blog next week on how to make this Chicken Gnocchi Soup inspired by Olive Garden. It’s really that good everyone! Also, it’s not too hard to make! Look for it next Tuesday!!

Now this is what I’m talking about when I say I added some flair to a classic dish: HOMEMADE FRENCH TOAST STICKS. I even made the bread y’all! Yes, you read that correctly. I baked a nice hearty brioche bread, cut it up, dipped each “stick” into a french toast egg batter and baked them in the oven. I then served these sticks with a blueberry syrup and blueberries! Totally worth every moment! And a great way to shake up breakfast.

On a side note, baking the bread wasn’t too hard either! It did take a lot more work than just paying $6 for a loaf of brioche bread, but it was totally worth it. The more I work on making my own staple items, the more I love the end results. If you’ve never had the chance to make bread, but have the time, try it at least once.

For dinner this week I took a stab at making Bean and Cheese Arepas. Arepas are a well-known cuisine from Colombia and Venezuela. I made the “buns,” fried up some shallots and peppers, cooked some beans, added some cheese and ate these delicious little “sandwiches” for dinner! This will most likely become a staple thing to make and something I am going to experiment with.

And well, that’s what I meal prepped this week…before we get into the total cost of things, I wanted to point out that this week I had a lot of the ingredients that I needed to make items like the bread. In the next month or so I’m going to post a blog about building up your pantry so that some weeks you have lower costs like this one. Sure, these things still cost money eventually, like when you run out of eggs, but when you buy some staple items like flour and sugar, you have them for quite some time!

Now for the total cost of this week’s meals:

Breakfast- Total: $8.69 ($1.74 per meal- 5 meals)

  • Flour- $0.00 (already had)**
  • Milk- $0.00 (used some of Haris’s milk because I don’t typically buy this)
  • Yeast- $0.00 (already had)
  • Butter- $0.00 (already had)**
  • Sugar- $0.00 (already had)**
  • Cinnamon- $0.00 (already had)**
  • Vanilla Extract- $0.00 (already had)**
  • Lemon Juice- $0.00 (already had)**
  • Blueberries (2 packs)- $5.00 on sale!!!
  • Eggs- (24 count)- $3.69**

Lunch- Total: $18.30 ($1.83 per meal- 10 meals)*

  • Gnocchi (2 packs)- $4.00 on sale!!
  • Chicken (1lb)- $5.99
  • Carrots- $1.99**
  • Kale- $1.99
  • Spinach- $3.49**
  • Onion- $0.93
  • Milk- $0.00 (used some of Haris’s milk because I don’t typically buy this)
  • Chicken Stock- $0.00 (already had- bought in bulk from Costco a month ago)
  • Flour- $0.00 (already had)**
  • Olive Oil- $0.00 (already had)**
  • Garlic- $0.00 (already had)**
  • Parsley- $0.00 (already had)
  • Bread Pieces on side- $0.00 (already had from charcuterie board post)

*I doubled this batch to make enough for my roommates who love this soup! All of the prices listed as for the double batch!

Dinner- Total: $10.59 ($2.65 per meal- 4 meals)

  • Shallots- $0.24
  • Peppers- $ 0.69
  • Black Beans- $1.59
  • Cheese- $2.29
  • Masarepa Blanca- $2.79**
  • Vegetable Oil- $2.99 (had to buy more!)**
  • Baking Powder- $0.00 (already had)**

Total for week: $37.58 spent for 19 meals (average of $1.98 per meal)

**These are all items I will be able to use again in the future weeks for no cost.


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