Special Edition: NYC Eats

It’s the end of the food recaps from NYC! Haris and I attempted to eat as much as we could in about 2 days, and we were pretty successful! Our food tour actually started with S’mores waffles (below). NYC during Christmas time is magical for numerous reasons, one of those reasons being the Christmas Markets that pop up every where!

We stumbles into one of these markets on our way to The Strand. The moment we stepped out of the subway, a sweet smell hit our noses and we followed it to this waffle stand. And of course we got one to share… it was worth every bite! And that’s something I love about NYC, there is great food everywhere.

Speaking of great food Haris really wanted to try out Lavains Bakery to see if its cookie was like a cookie he had a dream about as a child: “Cookie like but cake like in the middle.” And apparently it was the cookie of his dreams! I’ve been to Lavains before and it was great! The cookies are just super thick and fantastic warm. The chocolate chip brioche is also really good and not too sweet.

And though the line looked long, a line outside the shop like what you see on television or in the movies about NYC places (Made of Honor; or the revamp of Gilmore Girls…), the line wasn’t actually that bad and we only waited about 15 minutes to grab our cookies and go!

And… yeah we got bagels… do you think we would go to NYC and not get bagels? But also, we went to one of my favorite thai places with my good friends Lyn and Nick. The name of the place is called Room Service and its truly a great place to grab thai in Hell’s Kitchen.

I got the Room Service Pad Thai… which I didn’t know would be so aesthetically pleasing to the eye. But I mean look at that amazing presentation… the Pad Thai secretly tucked away in an egg wrapping. It was super tasty too, but to be honest, my favorite part of dinner was the company. It’s always great to see good friends while sharing a good meal!

And of course… we got Haris a piece of NYC pizza which he LOVED! It also helped that the guys behind the counter were yelling at people on the phone when we got there. Haris is a sucker for authentic places.

Overall, NYC is Foodie Heaven… there are so many great places to eat and photograph food! Here’s to more trips to NYC to eat inthe future.

January 2020 Giveaway Question: What city do you want to travel to just eat food?


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  1. jezpurr says:

    There are lots of cities I’d love to travel to and just eat food. One being Tokyo for there is lots of amazing food and a Disneyland!!!^_^

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  2. Katie says:

    Rome (or any other city in Italy) – give me all the pasta!

    Liked by 1 person

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