Meal Prep: Week 6 of 2020

I’m not gonna lie, this week was one where I didn’t feel very motivated to do much food wise. I know those weeks comes and go, but sometimes I get very afraid that those weeks will last for a very long time. Does anyone else ever feel that way?

This week for breakfast I decided to add bagels to my normal egg scramble. All I did was scramble up some eggs with spinach, then added them to a bagel with cheese and mayo and warmed up some sausages to eat on the side. Overall it was pretty filling, and some days maybe just a little too filling for me. It also made me very reminiscent of my recent trip to NYC… can I go back now???

For lunches this week I decided to clear out my pantry and freezer a bit. From frozen fish and hamburger meat in the freezer to Rice-a-Roni in the pantry and a bag of salad in the fridge, I was able to spend no money on lunches this week. A lot of this food came from times where I didn’t make all of what I had, or the items were on sale. These are the weeks that I cherish…the weeks where my grocery bill is like nothing. Pictured above is one of the meal combos from this week, pretty tasty.

For dinners this week I made some broccoli (thank you air fryer), horseradish mac-n-cheese, and chicken for Haris. I finished off some of the pork chops I had from the week before. There was also a night of pizza thrown in this week for Galentines day and a little Popeyes for Valentines day… so we will be finishing off this dish this weekend. This mac-n-cheese was amazing by the way! Haris loved it and threatened to eat it all.

Now for the total cost of this week’s meals:

Breakfast- Total: $13.97 ($2.79 per meal- 5 meals)

  • Eggs- $3.99 (we haven’t been to costco in a while)
  • Bagels- $3.99
  • Sausage- $3.49
  • Spinach- $2.50
  • Shredded Cheese- $0.00 (Already had)

Lunch- Total: $0.00 ($0.00 per meal- 5 meals) Perks of sale shopping weeks ago

  • Bagged Salad- $0.00 (Already had)
  • Salmon- $0.00 (Already had)
  • Rice-a-Roni- $0.00 (Already had)
  • Bagged Salad- $0.00 (Already had)
  • Beans- $0.00 (Already had)

Dinner- Total: $44.60 ($4.46 per meal- 10 meals)

  • Chicken- $12.28
  • Pasta- $1.00
  • Horseradish- $3.69
  • Kielbalsa- $7.98
  • Sharp Cheddar Cheese- $5.19
  • Gruyere- $8.99
  • Pretzels- $2.69
  • Broccoli- $2.78
  • Pork Chops- $0.00 (Already had)

Total for week: $58.57 spent for 20 meals (average of $2.93 per meal)


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