Special Edition: At Home Sushi Making

So I took a week off because you should always make sure to take a break from work if you can. Sometimes this blog becomes a part-time job, I love it but it takes a lot of brain power which can be draining when paired with my real job. Anyways…two weeks ago Michelle and I attempted to make sushi at home and surprisingly it turned out pretty awesome.

One of Michelle’s and my favorite places to go for dinner is Sushi Katsu (which will be this Thursday’s blog post). We love to get all you can eat sushi and just sit and laugh at her boyfriend Jared who always orders 20 orders of the beef ribs and never actually gets 20 orders in one sitting (more on that Thursday). Michelle got a sushi roll making kit last year for her birthday, and this year we decided to open it up and try it all out. And boy was it an interesting thing to to! Long story short… we will just pay the $25 for someone else to make our sushi, but this was fun. As you can see above, we went and bought some fish, shrimp and imitation crab.

Michelle was the real superstar here, she purchased all the ingredients seen above including large seaweed sheets, mango, cream cheese, cucumber, avocado and the fish!

And then the fun started. Let me just say we learned a lot… like: Leave the rice in the rice cooker with it on warm so that the rice doesn’t cool down.

We then without recipes tried to recreate some of our favorite rolls, like the Philadelphia Roll. We did pretty well actually! And then we just had fun adding ingredients here and there to see what flavors went well together.

Then the rolling began…I left this to Michelle. It was harder than I initially imagined. It’s hard to keep the roll tight without losing any rice or other ingredients. The kit comes with this little rolling mat which was rather useful!

And then you have to cut the sushi roll…

Michelle was rather excited about this part because she could cut it small or sushi burrito size… and she definitely had sushi burritos later in the week. I love when food makes people happy! I mean look at the joy in that face!

We also tried our hands at some sashimi with the pre-cut fish we purchased, and tried out different sauces. At the end of it all, I would suggest doing this for a fun date night or a party with friends. Food is something creative you can experiment with and have fun with too!

While I don’t think I will ever be a sushi making master…I know this much: I will continue to eat sushi in any form forever!


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