Meal Prep: Weeks 7&8 of 2020

Does anyone else have a hard time getting back on track once their routine is thrown off? I’ve been having a hard time getting back on track with the blog since life has taken some weird turns lately. Anyways, here is the last two week’s of meals!!

Last week, it was all soups for lunch. I bought some canned soups and jazzed them up with cheese and shrimp. It was super filling and super tasty! It’s been super snowy here, so it was great to eat all week.

It was also Haris’s last week of studying for the bar, so I made some good old comfort food spaghetti with homemade meatballs and zucchini. Being low on time I didn’t make the sauce, but I did make the meatballs.

And I finally got to use my carving fork that I bought to swirl my pasta! So cool!

For lunches this week I headed to Trader Joes to grab some quick and easy items. I purchased shrimp burgers, carrots, and orange chicken. I made some rice, divided it all up and took care of it.

I also tried out Hello Fresh this week which is one of those meal kit subscriptions. I plan on doing a review blog in a couple of weeks. Haris and I had some awesome pork tenderloin (pictured above) and then pork burgers (pictured below).

Overall, the past two weeks have been busy and stressful, but I have a plan to get back on track this next week and everything will go back to normal posting wise!! Stay tuned. (also, I’ll do a review of prices again on next week’s blog!)


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