Restaurant Shenanigans: Sushi Katsu

I’m currently in Hawaii… eating the freshest fish… but I still wanted to share my go to sushi place in Denver. Now you see, I’m originally from Las Vegas… yes, one of the best culinary places in all the land, so when i moved to Denver I was a little bummed about the sushi situation. However, there are some pretty amazing sushi places in Denver! What was lacking for me was a great all you can eat place. In Las Vegas, they are EVERYWHERE. I mean it, you can get all your can eat sushi for under $20 for lunch at pretty much any sushi place.

In Denver, that’s not really a prevalent thing. But then I found Sushi Katsu. For $25 you can get all you can eat sushi, poke, and appetizers. And it’s really good quality. Sure it’s not going to be the quality of sushi you might get at one of the Den restaurants on South Pearl Street, but for all you can et it is pretty good quality.

I typically go about once a month, third wheeling on Michelle’s (my roommate) and her boyfriend Jared’s date night. It’s okay, they don’t mind… I think. Jared pretty much only gets about “60-80” orders of the Korean BBQ Ribs (as pictured below) which means we are there for about 2 hours for every dining experience. Michelle and I on the other hand eat all the fish we can get, and sometimes some other treats like the octopus balls (taki i think they are officially called) below. Okay, I get the weird things while Michelle has a second bowl of Miso Soup.

Overall, the service isn’t too bad and the quality is pretty great. There is usually a line around dinner time, so prepare yourself to wait or go earlier or a little later than 5-6pm. If you are in the Denver metro area, check it out…


Phone:  (303) 790-8822

Greenwood Village Address: 9555 E Arapahoe Rd, Greenwood Village, CO 80112


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