Meal Prep: Week 9 of 2020

We are gonna keep this short and sweet because we have a lot of content to make up for this month! And I’m sure we all would like to see some awesome food pics instead of the other posts going around right now!

Week 9… where did you run off to? Well, actually it was such a busy week because not only was it the week before my trip to Hawaii (Posts to come!) it was also a VERY busy week at work! But here’s a little taste of what I cooked up for dinners at least. Week 9 was my last week of Hello Fresh… I’ll tell you why later. But I did enjoy the meals! Up above is a photo of some Thai Meatballs with Green Beans and Rice.

Next up, Parmesan Crusted Chicken with Couscous and Green Beans! Haris made this recipe from HelloFresh and boy was it tasty!! I really enjoyed the couscous which is something that I don’t normally think to buy and it’s something I will buy and make again (and with the panic buying at the grocery stores, I may have to just buy it anyways!).

Last up is a delicious Pork Bibimbap, also made by Haris. With all that was going on last week, this ended up being my lunch one day and it was great! The sauces were easy to make and this would be a great recipe to make a large batch of to eat throughout the week!

And look out for these recipes to come up again in the next few weeks because I am going to do cost comparison blog and review of the HelloFresh service… it all depends on whether I’ll be able to get what I need at the grocery stores.

Cost per meal- $8.99 (x6 meals= $53.94)


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