Meal Prep: Week 14 of 2020


Well it’s another week in quarantine and another week of trying to figure out what the hell to eat during the day. So here’s what I came up with:

Breakfast in quarantine is an interesting meal. It happens at erratic times and it’s not always the same thing. But some days it is some roasted potatoes and an egg. Some days it’s been scrambled eggs and SPAM. Some days it’s a bowl of oatmeal. I guess that’s one of the beauties of staying home: you can take some time and make whatever you want and need that day. That’s something important to note- you have to make what feels right during this time. Routines are thrown off, eating habits are all out of whack, and feelings are all over the place, but you get to choose to eat what feels right for you and that’s something you can control.

And pasta is something good to choose to eat! Now I bought this pasta before the crazy empty shelves. Pair it with some meatballs and marinara you can’t go wrong. It’s been a staple lunch, which is at least one thing I have going for me these days. Dinners now… well they’ve been hit or miss! Comfort meals are some of the meals that keep us sane these days.

Also this week our house had cause for celebration. We made steak and homemade mashed potatoes to celebrate! Now Michelle really did great on these steaks adding a sriracha alongside a honey bbq rub. The potatoes were actually gifted to us from a neighbor who has a food truck which isn’t getting much use lately. Gotta love the neighbor love these days. Celebratory meals are the meals we live for these days.

And then of course there are the easy go to meals these days. Haris made me this great grilled cheese sandwich with chorizo, swiss, monterey jack, white sharp cheddar and lilikoi mustard from Hawaii on sourdough bread! While it’s hard to be overly motivated to cook complex meals these days, putting interesting twists on easy staple meals is making me want to create some new meals for next week. Stay tuned!

What are you all cooking up during these quarantine times??


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