Restaurant Shenanigans: BeauJo’s

Back in the winter, before the global pandemic spread, we had a very special visitor in town… Michelle’s mom Suze! We travelled out to Dillon to see the ice castles and then we stopped for dinner at BeauJo’s in Idaho Springs.

What is BeauJo’s known for? Its Mountain pie or Colorado Style Pizza and a mountain town vibed restaurant that is undeniably unique! I mean look you literally get drinks in mason jars. How cute is that?

So what makes a pizza a mountain pie? Well first off it’s huge! It’s plenty of pizza to help feed a very large family or group of friends after a day of shredding the gnar. I mean these pizzas are huge! And they are tasty.

Suze can’t even handle these pizzas form the size to that cheese pull!

The next thing that makes a mountain pie is the crust. Every table is stocked with some honey. Once you eat all of the pizza parts, you then drizzle some honey onto the carefully braided crust and eat it up! You’ll be happy you did! And if you have some room for dessert, grab one of these giant cookies and enjoy!

Whether you are enjoying the mountains or hanging out in the city, check out BeauJo’s while you are in Colorado!



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