Meal Prep- Week 5 of 2019

Whoa, 5 weeks in and still going strong with the meal prepping. This week was a rough one though. I broke my one chai a week deal with a whopping 3 coffees. There’s just something comforting about a nice warm coffee on a 2 degree morning. anyways, I did manage to stick to my meal prepping this week and made some tasty items which may end up being repeats in the meal prepping circuit this year. For breakfast I returned to my favorite scrambled eggs and sausage, but added in these fantastic biscuits with a touch of honey each morning. I find that when I have higher protein breakfasts with some carbs on the side I stay fuller longer and manage to eat a bit less throughout the day. By the way, THESE BISCUITS WERE SO GOOD and I found the recipe on Pinterest.

Homemade Biscuits

For lunch I kept it super simple this week: just chicken and broccoli. Super simple. Lunch is usually spent eating at my desk, so sometimes its just easiest to grab a basic vegetable and some protein and call it good. Also this week I got lazy and this broccoli is straight up out of the frozen aisle and steamed in the bag. Sometimes you’ve just gotta do what you’ve gotta do. (And yes, the chicken is fully cooked, the angle and lighting make it look a little pink).

As for snacks this week I picked up a bag of quinoa chips and made some spinach hummus. What an easy snack. I loved the salty and savory flavors of this snack. It was a great pick me up in between work and school. This next week though I am going to make something fruity for snack. I’m really feeling berries right now!

Here’s dinner. This dinner was freaking amazing. No I didn’t drink wine every day but I did eat this steak, homemade mashed potatoes and parmesan roasted carrots. It was the perfect blend of sweet and savory. It’s been super cold this week (not nearly as cold as the midwest polar vortex) and that meant a hearty dinner was needed each night. These carrots though stole the show. They were the perfect texture and added a bright sweetness I don’t think I’ve ever found in a carrot before. They were also so easy to make. Roasted in olive oil with parmesan and basil. SO FREAKING GOOD. Honestly, you have to try these carrots.

And that was this week’s meals. Tomorrow is meal prep day for next week and I’m thinking its going to be a good week for trying some new twists on some classic foods. As always if you want some of these recipes, message me.


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