Special Edition: 2019 Food Recap

Well December is coming to an end which means 2019 is saying its goodbyes and 2020 is getting ready to introduce itself. And with that I would like to do a little wrap up blog to end our 2019 journey together. I conceived the idea for this blog at the end of 2018 and originally was only going to be a one post a week recap of the food I meal prepped or prepared throughout the week and look where we are now:

All-Time Most Views: DiNoci Dairy-Free Ice Cream Review

Most Viewed Special Edition: DiNoci Dairy-Free Ice Cream Review

Most Viewed Homemade Heroes: Angela’s Halloween Party

Most Viewed Recipe: Honey Lime Chicken Enchiladas

Most Viewed Meal Prep: Week 6 of 2019

Most Viewed Restaurant: Seoul K- B.B.Q. and Hot Pot

My Favorites: (from top left to right)

Recipe: Blueberry Lemon French Toast Casserole– I love this blog because its such a simple recipe and so tasty. I decided to really do this recipe once so many people asked for it.

Special Edition: Thanksgiving Desserts (that aren’t pies)– This blog really tested my skills. The poached pear was something that took me a while to make, but was so worth it.

Restaurant Shenanigans: The Cereal Box– I love this blog because of the adventure that went with it. I don’t love cereal but I’d head back over to The Cereal Box and dig in!

Homemade Heroes: Ali’s Paella – My first time eating Paella…worth it when Ali makes it!

I’ve learned a lot this year about trying new foods and recipes, exploring new restaurants and creating meal plans for the week. I can’t wait to see how much this blog grows and changes. Thank you to everyone who has subscribed, who has followed along, shared and participated in making this project a success. It’s one of the longest projects I’ve actually ever tackled and it’s one that I’ve enjoyed the most.

See you all in 2020… the best is yet to come.


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