Meal Prep: Week 38 of 2019

Alright, this week was hectic! The company I work for had its annual meeting and it flew in all of its regional managers for events all week so we had meetings on meetings plus alllllll the work we have to do normally in the legal department. It was quite the week. And while a lot of my meals were paid for and provided this week, not all of them were! So here we go!

First off for lunches I predominately ate the Ellis sandwich, with either some soup or nothing at all. If you don’t know what is on the Ellis sandwich, click here to find out!

For dinner (when I knew I was not being fed) I had this baked potato with a nice roast beef, some green onions from my garden and sour cream of course! What I like about baked potatoes is that they reheat well and they are versatile which seems to be a theme of my eating habits. Having a basic food which can be morphed into so many dishes is fantastic.

For breakfast this week it’s been mainly eggs and pumpkin chai lattes! Today though I added some dumplings, because why not?? Now I’ve been making my pumpkin chai lattes at home because starbucks likes to charge me like $6 for one every time and this way is cheaper. Though I am using starbucks pumpkin because I know people. I mix a little of that with Third Street masala chai, a little half & half and then top it off with 2% and ice! Costs me nothing every day and maybe $12 a week to get the chai and milk? Not too shabby if you ask me.

As you can see by the looks of my meals this week, I’m all about saving money. Just wait until you see next week’s meals… even cheaper and yet healthier too! Also… fall is coming which means next week I am featuring an array of fall (meaning pumpkin spice) favorites of mine!!


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