Special Edition: DiNoci “Ice Cream”

Okay everyone I have found my new favorite ice cream to eat at home and I may never go back to regular ice cream again. No this isn’t some eat the whole pint and screw calories type of ice cream…but it is a dairy-free and it TASTES SO GOOD!

Most dairy-free ice creams suck. I’ve tried a lot of them too because I suspect that I am lactose-intolerant (but I don’t want to give up iced chai lattes or cheese yet so alas I still drink milk) and most of them are chalky or don’t really have great flavor. But then, at the Den Corner Summer Rooftop Party, my whole ice cream experience changed. I discovered DiNoci, a local Colorado brand out of Denver.

As you can see on the container, DiNoci ice cream (or as they call it Dairy-free frozen dessert) is made with pure almond milk and does not use gums or additives. It’s soy free, gluten free, plant based and vegan! You can literally read the entire ingredient list and pronounce every word. Right now you can only buy this treat at Whole Foods and Marczyk Fine Foods locations in Colorado.

Each pint is about $7.99 which you may be like “Whaaaaaa? That’s expensive,” but I promise you it’s worth it. Every flavor is AMAZING! But don’t just take my word for it. My friend Michelle, boyfriend Haris, and I did a taste test for you. Now as you can see there are only four flavors: Chocolate, Salty Caramel, Lemon, and Mint Ganache. We each tried every flavor about 3 times in order to decide how to rank these delicious treats. Our verdict??

Michelle: 1) Lemon, 2) Mint Ganache, 3) Chocolate, and 4) Salty Caramel.

Her reactions: “Lemon is refreshing!” “Overall: shocking that it’s vegan and dairy free, but still tastes creamy and like ice cream!”

Haris: 1) Salty Caramel, 2) Lemon, 3) Chocolate, 4) Mint Ganache

His reaction: “I’m unsettled at how good and creamy this is!!” “Normally with ice cream I don’t have a problem choosing my favorite flavors, but here it was pretty much a three way tie!”

My list: 1) Lemon, 2) Chocolate, 3) Salty Caramel, 4) Mint Ganache

There you have it! If you can go and find this “ice cream” get yourself a pint. Because until you try it, you won’t believe just how good it is! I promise you, it’s worth the price! Visit their website here: DiNoci Dairy-Free Frozen Desserts.


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