Restaurant Shenanigans: Gyros King Food Truck

Shoutout: Photo Cred for about half of these photos goes out to Angela Faria, my work proximity associate.

One of the best parts of my job is that we get food trucks to come out to Franktown, Colorado (look it up, it’s in the middle of no where) once a month. Not only is it awesome to be able to mix up lunch at least once during the week when the food truck comes, its also great that we get to try so many different Colorado food trucks. In August we were visited by Gyros King.

The food truck visiting led to a huge debate on how to pronounce ‘gyro.’ Is it ‘year-o?’ ‘guyr-o?’ ‘hero?’ Any which way works for us! The debate ended as soon as we saw this menu.

And the food was amazing. From the hummus plate to the veggie plate to the falafel. Everything tasted amazing. What I love about greek food is that it is always full of color. I mean each plate literally overflowed with tons of bright colored veggies. And you can always judge a greek food place by it’s falafels, which in this case weren’t too dry and had great flavor… which means this food truck was going to be a good one.

And then you have the main events: wraps, crab cake sandwiches, and gyros! I personally got the plain old “traditional” gyro which with a twist comes with fries in it! I loved this. Honestly it was amazing, worth every penny. And from what I hear everyone else enjoyed their meals too.

And then the grand finale… baklava. I mean look at how lovely this is! Angela took this picture and was extremely proud of it as she should be!

Overall, this was a fantastic food truck, reasonably priced and great food. If you see it around check it out!

Website: Gyros King Food Truck


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