Special Edition: Butcher Box Review

Alright, there’s something that’s changed my life that I want to chat with you all about. So in the last year I became for conscious about the meat products I consume. Having anxiety and slight depression from time to time, I did some research and learned that a good way to help curve some of that anxiety is to pay attention to your foods. To eat less processed foods, and consume meats that are antibiotic and hormone injection free.

Going to the grocery store though looking for meat without antibiotics or added hormones left me feeling dizzy. So being influenced by fabulous influencers on instagram and being lured in by “bacon for life” I decided to try Butcher Box. And I am so happy I did! Here’s how it works:

First you choose either a curated box or custom box, the types of meat (chicken, beef, and/or pork) the amount of meat and the frequency. I started out with a curated box, in which they pick the cuts of meat for you depending on the types of meat you want. Recently however, I switched over to the custom box so that I could make my box a little more adaptable to my lifestyle.

Once you have our box all settled, you can pick some add-on items (I typically grab the Breakfast Pork Sausage). Then you just set up the box to be delivered every 4 or 6 weeks, add your card info and its like magic, the box of meat is delivered to your house in dry ice packaging and you don’t have to shop for meat for the month!

Is it worth it? Oh yeah! A custom small box which is about 9-11lbs of meat ( I believe) costs me about $149 every four weeks. I typically go through most of the meat myself, but have Haris to help finish it off. And if you are an avid reader of my blog, you’ve seen a lot of the meat featured in my Weekly Meal Prep Blogs.

ButcherBox is easy to use and I feel better knowing that my meat isn’t being injected with hormones or overly treated with antibiotics and that I’m not in turn putting all of that into my body. I’m not sponsored by ButcherBox by any means, this is just my honest review! It’s definitely worth checking out! If you aren’t sure, just try it for a month, I promise you’ll love it!

Website: https://www.butcherbox.com/


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