Special Edition: Meals on the Go (Texas- Week 42 of 2019)

Hey Y’all! So this past week I spent a good amount of time on the road in Texas. So there’s no meal prep this week but don’t worry, I thought I would share some of my meals on the go! Starting with the airport snacks!

Now usually I just try to get to the airport early and then eat whatever is available in my terminal. This time I decided to pack some snacks for the whole trip. We have (from left to right) a Perfect Bar (yum!!); a small granola treat (Bobo’s); sliced apple; some gluten-free crackers and some peach rings (which were alright). And of course, you can spot those reusable bags from Target!

We started our work trip in Fort Worth and stopped by Joe T. Garcia’s which was recommended to us. And it did not disappoint. We loved it! Pictured above is the three tamale plate which was delicious. You can always tell a lot about a Mexican food (or TexMex) place by their tamales. If they are dry…not a great place. These tamales were moist and full of flavor and even better smothered! I highly recommend this place if just for the atmosphere (we sat outside in this huge garden area)!Just know they don’t accept credit cards, it’s cash only.

Website: https://joetgarcias.com/

In Lubbock we grabbed a quick bite at a taproom/bar/restaurant. Knowing that the day was busy and that my stomach doesn’t always do well with eating out a lot, I opted for a turkey wrap which was the best decision! That’s the key to eating on the road. Plan out your meals for the day and know your body. Opt for lighter food items throughout the day and then splurge at night!

And if you have a lighter lunch you can then go out and find the richer foods in life in the evening. Being near Texas Tech gave us a variety of food places to choose from. We ended up settling on La Diosa Cellars- a Spanish tapas place. Now talk about a place with character! From the tapas, to this risotto above, to the wine nothing disappointed here. If you are in Lubbock, TX make sure to check this place out!

Website: http://www.ladiosacellars.com/

And like any good explorer, you’ve got to find a great dessert place to go to! We ended up at Holly Hop Ice cream Shoppe which was a great 50s diner. I grabbed a Banana Nut ice cream in a chocolate dipped cone and enjoyed it immensely! Never skimp on desserts and never be afraid to eat desserts while on the road. You miss 100% of the ice cream cones you never stop to get.

Anyways, I know this was an unconventional blog seeing as usually on the weekends its a blog about the food I meal prepped, but life isn’t always the same, so thanks for sticking around!


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