Special Edition: Pie in the Sky Cheesecakes

Ohhhhh I’ve been trying so many tasty items that are not only good but that are also local to Colorado and gluten free!! I stumbled upon Pie In The Sky cheesecakes whilst exploring my local Whole Foods one Saturday. The whole store was filled with samples and this was one caught my eye.

As you all know I’m limiting the amount of gluten I consume so the man sampling these cheesecakes really sold me on the whole “gluten-free” point. So I bought all five flavors. And like always I roped in Haris, Michelle, and this time Richie into partaking in a tasting!!

Here are their rankings:

Richie: Key Lime; Classic; Blueberry; Strawberry; Chocolate (He’s not a chocolate person but loves all key lime items)

Haris: Chocolate; Classic; Strawberry; Blueberry; Key Lime

Michelle: Chocolate; Classic; Key Lime; Strawberry; Blueberry (she couldn’t taste the blueberry)

Me: Chocolate; Strawberry; Classic; Key Lime; Blueberry

Our ordering is a little sporadic because it’s hard to taste the flavors of blueberry and strawberry when cutting these beauties into bite size pieces. But the overall consensus was these did not taste gluten-free!

These cheesecakes come frozen and thaw on the counter in about 30 minutes and last a while in the fridge. Each cheesecake is two servings (either eaten together in one sitting or in two separate ones- you do you!) and only $5.99. Definitely worth a try!

Website: https://www.pieintheskybakery.com/


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