Restaurant Shenanigans: Crumbl

Guys. Guys. Guys… a new cookie place has opened up across the street from my house… and i’m all like WHAAAAAAAAAAT?? YAAAAASSSSSS. Guys I love sweets, like a lot and when this place opened up, my roomie Michelle bought cookies to share and I fell in love. Probably more than I love Haris… don’t tell him.

Anyways, the name of this place is Crumbl. It’s off Arapahoe and Yosemite in Centennial, CO, somewhere in Thorton and in Boulder. But as the picture inside the store states, it all started in Utah. Thank you Utah!

Crumbl only ever has 6 cookies on the menu at a time, but don’t worry! The Chilled Sugar and Chocolate Chip are always available and the other four options change every Monday! Now let’s talk about these cookies… they are thick, they are soft, and they are flavorable! I will say this, try the chocolate chip and then try ALL the other weekly flavors (you can skip out on the chilled sugar).

Of the flavors above I tried the chocolate caramel. It was delicious! Also, just a heads up. The staff here decorates the cookies right before they give them to you! It’s so cool to watch from the side.

And here’s this week’s flavors which I bought all of! And I honestly can’t choose a single one over the other as my favorite. I mean they are all unique and all so amazing. The butterfinger one literally has the butterfinger crunchies in the cookie itself. The dirt cookie reminds me of eating those dirt pudding cups we ate as kids (minus the pudding). The Almond Joy = yes! It’s my favorite candy bar and just as great as a cookie. And that orange roll, the flavor isn’t overdone at all which can be hard with citrusy items.

Ultimately I cannot do this place justice. You have to just go and try it for yourselves! If you are in the Denver Metro area, head south on I-25, get off on Arapahoe and turn into the sprouts parking lot right past Yosemite and get your cookie on! OR get them cookies delivered if you live nearby!

The cookies are a little under $4 for one, a little over $10 for four and $27 for a dozen. NOM NOM NOM is right!



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