Homemade Heroes: Angela’s Halloween Movie Party

Happy Halloween my pretties! My friend Angela threw a great Halloween Movie party this month! We dressed up, braved her scary clown collection meeting us at the door, watched Hocus Pocus and ate some great food. Check out these amazing themed dishes everyone brought to share.

First up we have shrimp cocktail brains. The blood is in his skull, the brains are the shrimp. And yes I know, that didn’t need an explanation but you are welcome anyways.

Ian and Mary put together this lovely spider veggie tray! I love this purple cauliflower. They said it wasn’t easy, but it looked great!

Now I made these eye balls. The big one is a lovely burrata from Whole Foods. The little eyes are bite-size mozzarella! Top that with sriracha and olives and you have some creepy eyeballs. These were so tasty and only took about 5 minutes to make. Next time I wanna work on the presentation of these but, otherwise these are great!

I also made these mummy dogs! Now I’ve seen these online a lot so I had to try to make them! All you have to do is cut arms and legs on the hot dogs, cut the croissant dough into strips. Wrap the dough around the hot dogs, bake like a normal pig in the blanket and BAM a treat for all ages!

Now its hard to make chicken wings spooky, but Angela did great with these spooky cauldrons and skeleton tongs! It’s all about the little touches when you are hosting a party!

And if you are low on time and need a themed food item for your Halloween party, toss some plastic spiders in a Costco size potato salad and you are all set.

Cupcakes are always a great go to dessert, add some creepy gummys, or make those delicious “dirt” cupcakes we all used to eat as children and bring them along!

Now what I love about an Angela party is that she pulls out all the stops. From candy to popcorn, to buckets of soda to punch, she thinks of every detail. Make friends with an Angela and you’ll never be disappointed. Anyways, I hope you are all out there making your spookiest dreams come true. My favorite two months are coming up: November and December… Thanksgiving and Christmas!

BUH BYE Halloween… Hello Turkey Season!


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