Meal Prep: Week 46 of 2019

This weekend Michelle and I are relaxing with mimosas and reruns of The Hills on Amazon Prime, but I thought I would jump on here and post on last post this week!

First off this week we have the Red Sauce Enchilada Casserole that was featured on Tuesday’s blog. This was a great meal to reheat and eat all week for dinner. I definitely recommend making this when you have a busy week ahead of you.

Finishing off last week’s Hidden Veggie Meatballs, I took some cream of mushroom soup and covered the meatballs. On the side I steamed some broccolini seasoned with salt and pepper. It was only for one lunch, but so tasty!

For a quick breakfast I scrambled some eggs, made some bacon and stuffed it all between the top and bottom of an english muffin. It’s not the exact same as something you can grab at McDonald’s, but it will do!

Welp, that’s al I really have for you all this week. It’s been a busy one and meal prepping sort of fell to the wayside a bit this week (thank goodness for Chef Boyardee), but i’m cooking up some awesome recipes and more for you all this next week!


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